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Is the seasonic core gc 500w 80plus gold suitable?

I'm planing to build a PC, with the following specs:
Ryzen 5 5600x 
MSI B550-A Pro
G.SKILL Aegis 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-3200MHz CL16
MSI RTX2060 (not sure about the model, I already have from an other PC)
Corsair Carbide Spec Delta RGB 
Kingston A2000 500GB 3D TLC NVMe
Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM 256MB SATA III
I didn't decide on the PSU yet, but i think 500w is enough, i seen that model is on the B tier on this list, so I think is suitable, but I am not sure
I also been considering a bitfenix formula gold 550w 
I have a budget of around 1000$US for the entire build

Your suggestions are welcome

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the formula gold is lttle better. both will be fine with your build.



Main PC:


|Ryzen 7 3700x, OC to 4.2ghz @1.3V, 67C, or 4.4ghz @1.456V, 87C || Asus strix 5700 XT, +50 core, +50 memory, +50 power (not a great overclocker) || Asus Strix b550-A || G.skill trident Z Neo rgb 32gb 3600mhz cl16-19-19-19-39, oc to 3733mhz with the same timings || Cooler Master ml360 RGB AIO || Phanteks P500A Digital || Thermaltake ToughPower grand RGB750w 80+gold || Samsung 850 250gb and Adata SX 6000 Lite 500gb || Toshiba 5400rpm 1tb || Asus Rog Theta 7.1 || Asus Rog claymore || Asus Gladius 2 origin gaming mouse || Monitor 1 Asus 1080p 144hz || Monitor 2 AOC 1080p 75hz || 

Test Rig.


Ryzen 5 3400G || Gigabyte b450 S2H || Hyper X fury 2x4gb 2666mhz cl 16 ||Stock cooler || Antec NX100 || Silverstone essential 400w || Transgend SSD 220s 480gb ||

Just Sold


| i3 9100F || Msi Gaming X gtx 1050 TI || MSI Z390 A-Pro || Kingston 1x16gb 2400mhz cl17 || Stock cooler || Kolink Horizon RGB || Corsair CV 550w || Pny CS900 120gb ||


Tier lists for building a PC.


Motherboard tier list. Tier A for overclocking 5950x. Tier B for overclocking 5900x, Tier C for overclocking 5800X. Tier D for overclocking 5600X. Tier F for 4/6 core Cpus at stock. Tier E avoid.

(Also case airflow matter or if you are using Downcraft air cooler)



Gpu tier list. Rtx 3000 and RX 6000 not included since not so many reviews. Tier S for Water cooling. Tier A and B for overcloking. Tier C stock and Tier D avoid.

( You can overclock Tier C just fine, but it can get very loud, that is why it is not recommended for overclocking, same with tier D)



Psu tier List. Tier A for Rtx 3000, Vega and RX 6000. Tier B For anything else. Tier C cheap/IGPU. Tier D and E avoid.

(RTX 3000/ RX 6000 Might run just fine with higher wattage tier B unit, Rtx 3070 runs fine with tier B units)



Cpu cooler tier list. Tier 1&2 for power hungry Cpus with Overclock. Tier 3&4 for overclocking Ryzen 3,5,7 or lower power Intel Cpus. Tier 5 for overclocking low end Cpus or 4/6 core Ryzen. Tier 6&7 for stock. Tier 8&9 Ryzen stock cooler performance. Do not waste your money!



Storage tier List. Tier A for Moving files/  OS. Tier B for OS/Games. Tier C for games. Tier D budget Pcs. Tier E if on sale not the worst but not good.

(With a grain of salt, I use tier C for OS myself)



Case Tier List. Work In Progress. Most Phanteks airflow series cases already done!

Ask me anything :)

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If you’re planning a new build, I would go with 750w. I don’t think you need that much for what you have planned. But, if you ever desire an upgrade to a higher tier card down the road, you will need more than a 500w. 

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I have this exact same PSU in my living room pc but then again its only running a Ryzen 3 3100 and an RX 5600 XT but if you wanna be on the safe side maybe go for at least 600W or even 700W 🙂 just incase you wanna upgrade down the line.

| CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X | RAM - Patriot Viper 32GB DDR4 RGB RAM 3200MHz | GPU - AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT 6GB | Motherboard - MSI A-Pro B450 |

| Case - In-Win 101 | PSU - Corsair CX650 | YouTube - SgtKenzo

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I don't really see myself going with a higher tier card in the next few years. But appreciate the advice
GPUs have got more expensive than ever, and I dont really see it going back 

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