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  1. Are you familiar with the YouTube channel Machines & More? He has great SFF content, the vast majority is focused on cooling.
  2. Don’t try the Cooler MasterFan. It’s the most UNpleasant fan I’ve ever heard. It’s terrible. Buying them is like burning money, only burning money doesn’t sound as bad.
  3. Edit: I was looking at the regular X73 non-rgb.
  4. Thanks for sharing. I spent some time going through your videos. I do like the way you chose to do your testing and I do appreciate the work of another Fan addict. “Airflow, Noise, Amperage” covers the basics. I also consider quality (lifespan, defects), and tone or type of noise (completely subjective). I have fans that are technically quiet, but have a tick in the hub that I find bothersome or the fan “whirr” is at a pitch that I find unpleasant. Try a Cooler MasterFan Pro, has a 3 speed toggle on the back, I don’t believe a more unpleasant sounding fan exists anywhere. I have a 3 pack that
  5. I would buy the Corsair 4000D and see if you like the fans that come with it. If you do, buy more of them. I can tell you about a decade ago, I would buy fans based on someone else’s recommendation or a review I saw, to only be extremely disappointed. Someone would claim “these are better than Noctua” as often said, but all I hear is an annoying buzz coming from the hub, or they would just drone. It did spark an unhealthy obsession and I also figured out I am much more sensitive to noise than most. So, I would see if you like the fans in the case first. If they bother you, then look
  6. Given your room temp is 86F, I would guess that your temps are fine and where they should be.
  7. Depending on what you're cooling with it, you might not see any difference in temps. For example, the difference I saw between my Hyper 212 and Noctua NH-D14 on my Ryzen 3600 was negligible. The CPU just doesn't produce enough heat to notice a difference despite the NH-D14 being objectively superior. I know you said in terms of "thermals and noise level," but if you're not pushing the cooler to it's limit, looks and ram clearance could also be considerations.
  8. I added a couple of videos to my previous post in case you haven't seen them. Both are great choices, I don't believe you can go wrong either way.
  9. I have the Be Quiet Pure loop, 120mm, 240mm, 280mm. I haven't used the 360mm though. I also like that Be Quiet designed the unit to be topped off and included fluid. That is big feature in my mind. Doing some research on the Pure Loop, seems like they put quite a bit of effort into their quality control. I also like the Be Quiet fans better than Arctic, they are the Pure Wings fans, which are the rifle bearing version, but they are very good. The only downside to the Be Quiet Pure loop is that there aren't a ton of independent reviews compared to the Arctic Freezer. I find the Pure Loop
  10. It's hard to tell if the temps are "good" without knowing how many watts your pulling on the CPU and what your room temps are like. Someone in a climate controlled 70F room would likely see different CPU temps than someone sitting in an 80F room because they live in a tropical climate. The vibration doesn't seem normal though.
  11. Your P14, are they the 4 pin PWM PST or the 3 pin? I don't have any Arctic 140mm unfortunately. I also saw that Arctic is now making a 15mm thick version. Machines and More has a great video on them that he just put out today. He also goes into some detail on the hub noise better than I could explain if you weren't familiar with the issue. I'm going to see if I can get some to test, they look interesting. I will link the video below. Machines and More
  12. Fan choice is subjective, especially when it comes to noise. I have 13 Arctic fans, two 5 packs of the P12 PWM PST and 3 P12 Silent 3 pin. In a closed case, I didn't notice the hub growl very much, but in an open air case, it was too pronounced for me. Several of the P12 PWM PST also have developed noticeable ticks in the hub at any speed. I feel Arctic makes very good fans for the price and they review very well on a decibel meter. Someone without an overly sensitive ear would find them very good. The ones I like the best are the P12 Silent; for a fan that you would run at max rpm 24/7,
  13. They can be. Pressure optimized just means they work well in places that have restricted airflow, like a radiator or even the front of a case that has dust filters. Even in an unrestricted space, a pressure optimized fan could still perform better than an airflow fan. I don't like to speak too much on products I haven't tested and I haven't used Arctic "F" fans, but I have tons of Arctic "P" fans. Unless someone else comments on the tone or quality of the sound made by the "F" fans, I would venture to say the "P" are better in most scenarios.
  14. Judging fans purely on specs misses a few key aspects, like build quality and quality of the noise they make. I own, used, tested, every fan being discussed here. Subjectively (my opinion) Arctic are good for the price. Noctua Redux and Be Quiet Pure Wings are around $13-ish per fan, both are "subjectively" better than Arctic... the sound they make is more pleasant and the quality control is better. $13 a fan is also a long way from $25 or $30 a fan. My recommendation is: Less than $10 per fan: Arctic if you buy a 5 pack $10 to $15 per fan: Pure Wings or Redux $20+ p
  15. If you do buy a new power supply, 750w would be ideal. Honestly, another Corsair TX unit would be good. Try to buy from some place with a good return policy. There is a chance that it's not a power supply issue. Hopefully that solves the problem, I would hate to spend $100 on a new unit just to find out that it wasn't the issue. Other things I would also try: Remove any overclocks to the CPU, GPU, and RAM. Uninstall the Graphics Drivers using DDU in safe mode. Then re-install them with the latest downloads. Verify the game installs to make sure the files aren't
  16. I haven't had any freezes in quite a long time, but I also haven't been watching online videos much. Which is where 100% of my freezes occurred. I replaced: CPU, RAM, and Power Supply, still had the issue. I have a replacement m.2 drive if it keeps occurring. To me, it doesn't seem like a hardware issue. It seems like a driver or a buggy Windows 10 version.
  17. Can you find Be Quiet fans in Norway? They are also subjectively better than NZXT Aer fans and are usually cheaper than Noctua. Many people do recommend the Arctic because they are affordable. A middle ground is the Be Quiet Pure Wings (if they are available). Here in the US they are less than half the price of the premium Noctua, but are a good deal better than Arctic fans.
  18. Are the 120x38 that your talking about, are they on Thermalright's website? If they are, could you link to them? I am always interested in testing new fans.
  19. It could be a power issue, but that wouldn't be my first guess. 650w is certainly a little low, but it is a very good power supply. When the PC turns off, does it just snap off like the power cord was pulled from the wall outlet? Check to see if the Power supply is getting enough air. Make sure the air intake is not being blocked, make sure the fan is spinning. Also make sure the PC isn't sitting on carpet, that can also block air intake for the power supply.
  20. I love Thermalright fans, they are very good. I have a couple of the TY-141. They are just difficult to fit anywhere but on certain air coolers. Apparently all of the best fans must be brown.
  21. The Noctua will move more air and have a higher static pressure, but they also have a slightly higher max rpm. I would plug them both in and see which ones you find the most pleasant to listen to.
  22. As @Eighjan said above, this is the coding in the model numbers: P = Pressure Optimize F = Airflow 8, 12, 14 = Size in centimeters (80mm, 120mm, 140mm) PWM = 4 pin PST = Can be daisy chained together. The Arctic F8 PWM PST is an 80mm 4 pin fan. They can be daisy chained together. The Arctic P12 PWM PST is a 120mm 4 pin fan that can also be daisy chained together. The Arctic F14 is a 140mm 3 pin fan. The Arctic F12 PWM PST is a 120mm 4 pin fan that can be daisy chained together. The Arctic P14 PWM PST is a 140