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Is my 970 FE dead?

I have a GTX 970 FE that will seemingly at random ramp the cooling fan all the way to max.  Sometimes the display goes black and I need to hard reset, other times it ramps back down and appears to run normal for a time until it ramps up again and then black screens.  I bought the card used and have cleaned it and re-applied thermal compound.  I've checked to make sure that the compound is applied properly and it seems to be.  All of the pads on the cooler appear to be in good contact with the component they are intended to touch.  Is it maybe a corrupted BIOS?  Any help at all is appreciated.  I'm running the latest version of windows, newest Nvidia drivers, latest firmware (I think).  I've been able to get After burner running a couple times before it goes black and I can see that the temp is shooting up to 90c before it crashes. I have replaced the thermal paste.  All the pads seem to be in the correct place. What would make that happen?

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Try older versions of the nVidia drivers, sometimes they break drivers for older cards.

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