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  1. I have a GTX 970 FE that will seemingly at random ramp the cooling fan all the way to max. Sometimes the display goes black and I need to hard reset, other times it ramps back down and appears to run normal for a time until it ramps up again and then black screens. I bought the card used and have cleaned it and re-applied thermal compound. I've checked to make sure that the compound is applied properly and it seems to be. All of the pads on the cooler appear to be in good contact with the component they are intended to touch. Is it maybe a corrupted BIOS? Any help at all is appreciated.
  2. Ok, that's definitely what it is. Any clues on how I might disable it?
  3. Hi all. I have encountered a weird issue I've never seen before. I have a secondary monitor that I like to watch youtube or videos on while I game. Youtube does totally fine but I've found that if i want to watch Netflix or Hulu or even now, a movie I've rented on youtube the entire screen looks like static. Not full static, just like static interference of the image that it should be displaying. Is this some sort of copy protect in windows or something? The only thing I can think that is causing it would be a Dual link DVI to display port adapter? Any help would be great so I can watch