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  1. GTX 690 was an exception, basically 2 680s with internal SLI. Either way, yeah prices suck now. I was looking for RX 560's for a build... $60? For something 20% slower than a GTX 1050? Bruh. Polaris in general has gotten expensive in the used market.
  2. I'd assume only a few seconds at most? If it doesn't POST quickly something is wrong.
  3. DVI is fine up to 2560x1600@60. Possibly the AMD drivers are just being dumb in this case.
  4. The 3200G is Zen+ based. Ryzen 3 3200G - AMD - WikiChip
  5. It'll work, but chances are it'll have custom front panel connectors and nasty power limits, meaning no turbo on your i7. I've experienced this on an HP board I bought recently... damn you, HP.
  6. No, but AMD stopped production of Zen 2 (or Zen+ in this case) parts. For some reason the 4000 series APUs were only a paper launch in most of the world.
  7. Try older versions of the nVidia drivers, sometimes they break drivers for older cards.
  8. So it's dead. Nothing can be done. The controller may have fried itself.
  9. Power plan switched possibly, or CMOS reset is required. But there's almost no chance of something actually breaking.
  10. They likely won't be back in stock for much longer, since they're not being made anymore. Though for the price I would go for a used 2400G.
  11. That fan noise would probably be the same regardless of T or non-T. T-series CPUs are glorified laptop CPUs anyhow in terms of TDP.
  12. Is it possible that the PSU is too weak? It's an older 300W unit with a 20 pin ATX connector rather than 24.
  13. They did light up red in limit reasons. Not sure how I would increase the limit though.