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My router LAN port suddenly died.

My router has 4 lan ports and overnight all of them died (no signal, the light died). I'm not really tech savvy and I dont even know if this problem is fixable or i should buy new Router, after googling I found out that someone else has similar problem and they mention it was stormy that night, it was also stormy the time my lan port died too I'm not sure if this a relevant info or just a coincidence.


Oh, the wifi from the router is working fine, so i def have internet access but it doesnt give signal to the port.


Here's my router set up


Router -> Wi-fi -> my pc

            -> Wi-fi

            -> Wi-fi


My router model: Cisco DPC3828S DOCSIS 3.0 SB-WiFi(3x3)


Things i have tried:

-Turning off and on router and wifi

-changing multiple port

-I checked if the cable was faulty (its not)

-resetting the router to factory default



Any help is appreciated,

Thank you!


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3 minutes ago, Etaphreven said:

I'm not really tech savvy and I dont even know if this problem is fixable

If the ports are not reacting to anything then yeah, it's not really fixable unless you're good with electronics and at soldering SMD-components. You'll just have to buy a new one.


As for why it might have happened: sometimes components just die. There may have been a defect all the way from the start, but it just took this long to fail completely. Also, yes, voltage-spikes can kill Ethernet-ports as well, but you'd usually find dead ports on both ends of the cable, instead of just one, then.

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