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  1. My router has 4 lan ports and overnight all of them died (no signal, the light died). I'm not really tech savvy and I dont even know if this problem is fixable or i should buy new Router, after googling I found out that someone else has similar problem and they mention it was stormy that night, it was also stormy the time my lan port died too I'm not sure if this a relevant info or just a coincidence. Oh, the wifi from the router is working fine, so i def have internet access but it doesnt give signal to the port. Here's my router set up Router -> Wi-fi -
  2. i see, thank you for the insight. I'll guess ill mark this as solved
  3. optical hdmi? i was under assumption that all hdmi cables are just as good. and i do need at leas 7-8m cable because my pc is a bit far from my tv
  4. tried that, it works!. so its the HDMI cable then, so does it mean i have to buy a new one? if so whats the thing i have to look out for? i bought 10m hdmi, is 10m too long?
  5. Hi, yes i have checked the display setting and nvidia control panel, my tv is not detected.
  6. Hi. Recently I got a samsung smart TV (model UA40JU6400) and I intend on using it as a second monitor. however after i connect all the cables it just display a blank screen, i think the TV detect the input (the hdmi source is not greyed out) but my pc doesnt recognize the tv, I have tried: -resetting both pc and TV -changing multiple port both TV and GPU -I tried to hook the hdmi cable to my switch to check if its a cable faulty (its not) -Driver update -Tried to use nvidia 'rigorous display detection' but the 'restart now' and the checkmark are greyed out
  7. [solved] after updating windows, reset winsock, changing physical router port and hours of metaphorically banging my head against my desk. i think i fixed it. I look up closely on network details on task manager i found out that there is a little thing going on with WD disk storage app, I uninstall it and voila. everything working normally again. now, im not sure why it only affect wired connection but it works perfectly now..
  8. Yes, i Play starcraft 2 quite often and its always on the same server. When i got stuttering on several match i thought its because im having a bad connection but when i change it to wifi only the stuttering is gone.
  9. Hi! Recently i switch my Pc from having wifi to wired internet connection, the speed increased 2 times, however when i play games i experience stutter/lag this problem never occurred if im using wifi connection. My router: Cisco DPC3828S DOCSIS 3.0 SB-WiFi(3x3) Firmware Version:dpc3828-v302r125573-131014a I'm using Cat6 Cable. Things i have tried: -Updating drivers ( but i seems cant find firmware update for my router as the option is not there and there is no further info of my model on cisco website itself) -Turned o