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windows blackscreening and crashing when launching games

issue started today after playing black ops cold war zombies with some mates, i died and then alt tabbed while i wated for the round to be over. when i respawned i was still alt tabbed and when i clicked back onto my primary monitor both my screens went black and my gpu fans went to 100%.

ever since then i havent been able to launch or play much of any game. i have been able to get to the CW title screen once, play a single game of training grounds in R6 siege and get to the doom eternal title screen. but as soon as i would press on zombies in the title screen or try and play doom eternal it would black screen as stated above. ive tried reinstalling gpu drivers after a DDU, verifying all game files for all games tested and removing all gpu and cpu overclocks .

attached is a speccy text file with all relevant system information.

any help is greatly appreciated



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13 minutes ago, bmx6454 said:

check event viewer for anything useful around the times of the crashes. what psu model?

psu model is a TT tough power grand 750w 80+ gold

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