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  1. issue started today after playing black ops cold war zombies with some mates, i died and then alt tabbed while i wated for the round to be over. when i respawned i was still alt tabbed and when i clicked back onto my primary monitor both my screens went black and my gpu fans went to 100%. ever since then i havent been able to launch or play much of any game. i have been able to get to the CW title screen once, play a single game of training grounds in R6 siege and get to the doom eternal title screen. but as soon as i would press on zombies in the title screen or try and play doom eternal
  2. Edit: the cable I'm talking about is a single wire connected to a 3pin pwm
  3. Just built a new PC with a corsair h100irgb platinum and ive turned it on and all the RGB works except for the Maglev fans. There is a single pin cable coming out of the pump and the manual doesn't say what to plug it into. I tried a few fan headers and got 3 leds to light up at most... Does anyone have experience with this? Edit: one of the fans is broken, proceeding with warranty claim
  4. Update: I've bought a Belkin powered adapter and no luck with that...
  5. Yeah ok. I'll try it! Thnx for the suggestion
  6. I just built my second PC... Specs: Intel core i5 8600k at 4.7 Gigabyte z370 mobo 1x 8gb stick of ram 256gb SSD 1tb HDD 500w 80+ gold psu Sapphire Rx460 Bequiet pure rock cooler The build works fine, it boots, loads windows and plays games but it won't work with my VGA monitor... I've gotten it working on my HDMI tv on both the CPU and GPU HDMI ports but neither work for my monitor... I'm using a VGA cord with HDMI adapter and that works perfectly with my laptop (lenovo dual core coffee lake i7 with a 950m) and old PC (amd FX6300, 8gb r
  7. 3 days ago paypal notified me that i had paid 2.99 usd to floatplane as usual and now when i try to login to the forum or the official website it doesn't show me as a floatplane subscriber... my plane sunk.....
  8. hi slick, i checked paypal and it lmg has cancelled my recurring payment thank you for your help
  9. Don't get a range extender. Just get a wireless access point like Linus did at Yvonne's parents place
  10. Please help my unsubscribe from floatplane I can't find any way to do it on mobile and my PC is currently taken apart.
  11. no. unless you want to overclock the one that comes with it will be fine. i think it would be better to get a more reputable brand like corsair for instance if your gonna cheep out on the case
  12. yeah the 1050ti would be good but check what games your running if the DX11 games you could be better off the the aforementioned 970. and next time you post make suwe to incwude cuwwency (aud, usd ect.)