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New Build . Need memory

First of all i m locate in the UK, trying to get my gaming desktop parts (no oc).


I am not sure which memory to get as it's hard to find any 3600 MHz Cl16, not to overspend to much also.


What i got till now is

cpu: 5600x

cpu cooler: dark pro slim (hopefully enought)

case: be quiet 500dx

mobo: b550 gaming edge wifi

storage: WD_BLACK SN750 1TB


I found some DDR 4 but not sure , so please give an oppinion:





I know G-skill are good but i haven't seen many using that Team Group ddr4 . Reviews seems to be ok. As you can see one has even CAS 14-15-15-35 Timings.

Or should i find something else cheaper like 3600 CL18? 




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Any suggestions ? as i would like to buy them today. Thank you in advance

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