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Looking for good Black Friday recommendations for a 1440P 144Hz (or so) gaming monitor



I'll need it to be G-SYNC compatible for a 3080 and ideally 27".


IPS or VA would both be OK. I was looking around, but has anyone found some great deals on some amazing monitors? 


My budget is around £400 - so would need it on a UK site. I have ideas of what I'd want, such as the G7 or some nice DELL ones for IPS maybe, but I seen no deals and I suck at finding good deals xD


Can anyone assist with what they found?

I'm streaming every day, many AAA games, to entertain people and to get a hang of games that others are unable to play or want to see before they buy. 

Check my profile for my ultimate rig! http://linustechtips.com/main/user/109708-shift/

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