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    i7-4790K with H105
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    ASRock Extreme 4 Z97
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    Corsair Vengeance Blue (2x4)
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    Sapphire Radeon R9 290X
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    1TB HDD
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    SuperFlower 650W Fully Mod. GOLD
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    BenQ GL2460 24" LED
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    Case Fans 2 x 140 + 1 x 120
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    CM Storm
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    CM Storm
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    Onboard HD Audio
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    8.1 @ 64 bit

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  1. I got a code in case someone wants the game. I have it already. Whoever really wants it, comment here
  2. Every LCD has backlight bleed issues. Every IPS has IPS glow which appears the same as that. You'll get better or worse, but you will ALWAYS find "backlight bleed" issues no matter where you go with LCD - so just gotta accept it.
  3. Check this topic for your determined answer; Mine is along the lines of this.. So is yours a bit worse? Maybe. Does it bother you or can you notice? That's up to you to decide. As far as I know and seen, you'll not get a perfectly black, uniform output from the G7. It's the monitor's only pitfall and drawback.
  4. Yes, IPS has bad contrast ratios / IPS glow, so having lights on helps IPS specifically. The G7 is VA. I am just glad to see that it's just normal LCD quality, not a defect G7. Dodged a bullet
  5. I don't want a debate on the monitors. The G7 is basically as good as it gets for a gaming monitor at 1440P - next up is OLED TVs that I don't want to have! IPS will have IPS glow, similar effect like backlight bleed. All I wanted to know is that is this a normal case or a bad one, but judging by responses and other examples on the web, I seem to be pretty OK.
  6. Sure. I was just reading a lot of scaremongering posts.. so was just checking. As long as this is not a chronically bad case of a panel, then I am keeping it - which seems to me is not bad at all. I'll probably never notice after my initial test and calibration. SOme people on Reddit had examples of a black screen being almost grey / white just!
  7. Sorry - yes, as in this is perfectly OK and I am one of the luckier ones with the G7? Or it's a "bad" one?
  8. Most seem to be around the same - I don't think it's too bad in person - probably no reason to play any sort of lottery.. just looking for some expert inputs!
  9. Probably does not look this bad in real life - the picture does not do it justice, but just checking. Does not seem like some cases of backlight bleed I seen on Google for example.
  10. Hey, I'll need it to be G-SYNC compatible for a 3080 and ideally 27". IPS or VA would both be OK. I was looking around, but has anyone found some great deals on some amazing monitors? My budget is around £400 - so would need it on a UK site. I have ideas of what I'd want, such as the G7 or some nice DELL ones for IPS maybe, but I seen no deals and I suck at finding good deals Can anyone assist with what they found?
  11. I'd do the 6800XT for sure. SAM is currently a feature that provides little to nothing in bonuses but as it gets implemented I am sure it will start to make a bigger difference down the line too. They'll improve at RT as well - I'm going to try and get a custom one next week, Sapphire if possible but not too picky in the current market. 16GB VRAM is amazing too - yes, we will have bigger 3080s for sure "Ti" perhaps but I'd not expect that at the same price, so the price / FPS will grow less appealing.
  12. These X570's are £200 max. A B550 is around £150 - so it's not an orbital saving from what I seen, and maybe I benefit some of it down the line?
  13. Hey - that's a pretty solid solution. The best method to do that would probably be to create a screen and close it, as that will keep it running forever. You can easily create a screen with "screen -S [screen name]" and once you started what you wanted, you can detach with CTRL A+D. You can see the screens running with "screen -list" and use "screen -R [screen name / ID]" from the list operation to get back into it. @Khoomn - wonder if this helps anything?