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How important is RAM QVL list?

I'm in abit of a struggle determining ram/mobo for the 5000 series. I do want to hit the 4000mz "Sweet spot". Either with factory 4000 or OC to 4000.


I'm looking at either the TUF X570-PRO or a 570 STRIX/Crosshair. My problem with the QVL list right now from Asus is they only tested the TUF X570-PRO with a 2nd gen Ryzen, while the STRIX they used a Ryzen 4000.






So there is only ONE listed RAM at 3400mhz listed on the TUF, while there is many many many listings of 4000+ on the Strix.


Am I shooting myself in the foot buying 3600-3800 ram and hoping to OC it to 4000hmz using the Tuf board with w 5900x? (Or buying 4000hmz memory) in hopes any of it will work?

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You have less chance of OCing 3600MHz RAM to 4000MHz than a 4000MHz kit not working. 


QVL lists are by no means exhaustive, I wouldn't put much, or really any importance on them outside of server where compatibility and validation is often a requirement for vender support. 

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It will depend on how twitchy the new cpu design is about ram.  For ryzen1 it was important, for ryzen+ less so, for ryzen2 not really at all.  If the trend continues the answer would be “ignore it” but the chip isn’t out yet.

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Typically the QVL list was created pre-release with memory that was available and tested at that time. 

Memory that was manufactured after the release of the QVL list is almost never tested and the list never updated. 

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