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    Intel Core i5-6600K
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  1. Wish you were in Winnipeg, I would buy it from you. Went in for a 5800x (Was maybe 20th person in line) and both 5900/5800 were sold out, only 5600x availiable. Signed up to be notified when the 5800x was back in stock.
  2. Has a better chance then what I ordered, I ordered a 4000mhz G skill kit.
  3. May want to look into the cheaper TUF x570-pro. That's what I've been eyeballing lately for when I get a 5900x. My thought process is it will still do some overclocking, maybe not to the same extremes as the higher end boards but the money saved on buying a cheaper board and going for the 5900x should be worth it. Now ram....that's where I'm stuck wondering what to get.
  4. I'm in abit of a struggle determining ram/mobo for the 5000 series. I do want to hit the 4000mz "Sweet spot". Either with factory 4000 or OC to 4000. I'm looking at either the TUF X570-PRO or a 570 STRIX/Crosshair. My problem with the QVL list right now from Asus is they only tested the TUF X570-PRO with a 2nd gen Ryzen, while the STRIX they used a Ryzen 4000. https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/SocketAM4/TUF_GAMING_X570-PRO_WI-FI/Memory_QVL_2nd_Gen_AMD_Ryzen_Radeon_Vega_Graphics_CPU_X570.pdf https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/SocketAM4/ROG_STRIX_X570-E
  5. I'm in the same boat. My suggestion is wait for the benchmarks/reviews to hit (Which should be soon, can't see embargo date being the same as release date). Keep in mind you can likely get 3600-3800mz ram and OC it to the sweet spot. That is likely what I will be doing.
  6. I'm currently planning to buy a Ryzen 5900x when released, I will also likely be buying a Asus TUF X570-PRO at the same time. This is a new build replacing my aging intel skylake system. AFAIK this TUF board does not have a bios-flashback option and I do not currently own a Ryzen CPU that could post the board to update the bios. From my understanding all b550/x570 boards will require a bios update of agesa in order to post Ryzen 5000. I believe it was MSI who indicated all of their boards manufactured after August (Correct me if I am wrong) will ship with that update.
  7. Hey guys, I've been slowly piecing together a new build for myself to replace my aging setup. I've never really fiddled with memory too much in the past, mostly just set it and forget it. However, I feel it's time to make things abit better for myself. I'm looking to get 4000mhz memory, as early indications say Ryzen 5000 has the "sweet spot" with that speed. The problem i'm running into is determining how I can put 32gb of it in my system. Using ASUS QVL list on current motherboards - The list for 4000mhz+ memory seems to be a maximum of 16gb using 8gb modules. It does
  8. Just trying to figure out the best place to be looking to try and snag a 3080 on launch date in Canada. I contacted my local Memory Express and they indicated... So aside from them, and a hope/prayer I can get one from NewEgg Canada - Is there anywhere else that I might be able to get one? ...Finally time to retire the 980ti i've had since launch!
  9. Source http://wccftech.com/nvidia-volta-tesla-v100-ai-research/ Lots more information in the article. Also, what I find interesting is last year in April when Pascal was announced at GTC it was already shipping to non-consumer places - Then by May it was shipping the consumer version. Does this mean we may have consumer Volta later this year? (Sept/Oct?)
  10. It's just too bad Alphacool's quality control is complete trash.
  11. It probably has something to do with... They have some sort of voodoo going on to make it work...
  12. Eh, you can't get the same colors in tubing as you can when you mix your own pastel color. Also if you want to change colors, you have to rebuild your loop. Not a fan.
  13. Thats really cool. So theoretically speaking - those "mineral oil" pc's - You could use this fluid? Also in terms of other sectors - Could this be used as a "safe" way to extinguish electronics that were on fire? (Like for instance when Linus's server room goes up in flames )
  14. Another thing to try is to get a flow meter and measure that. If you still have a high flow rate - yet temperatures are this high - It must be the contact points on the blocks. I suppose we can't rule out a "bad" pump either - From my experience they either work or they don't. I don't think it's very common to have a semi-working pump. You should be able to hear an audible difference between the pump speeds - Give it a listen. If it sounds the same at the low and high levels - something is not functioning right.
  15. I'm happy you stopped by Mick, thanks for giving out some more information - Looking forward to trying this out. Graphene is such an amazing material with so much potential - I'm always following energy related graphene news (Batteries, solar panels, etc), it never even occurred to me that it could be (In simple terms) "mixed" with water to aid in heat dissipation. It's really cool that you guys utilizing this new technology.