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Help me plan a Colocated Server

So I have been thinking of getting a server and colocating it. I found a pretty good deal for colocation, and the big requirements are 1u 3.and 200w max power consumption and impi or similar remote management. I wanted your thoughts on the ideas I have for the space. The server would be used for offsite backups(about 30-50tb would be nice), and running some servers in vms. I am planning on running proxmox on the host. No hard budget, but probably between 1-2k usd


Here are my ideas, from most likely to least likely that Id get. Or give me a totally different idea.


1. 1U4LW-X470 RPSU



About $650 for the barebones, add a $400 3900x, 64 or 128gb ddr4 for about $300 or $600, then some shucked 14 or 16tb for about $300 a pop. Id then add some 2tb sata ssds I have laying around, and some m.2s for boot. Looks pretty optimal to me. Good performance, reasonable price


2. Supermicro 6017R-73THDP+



Big pro of 12 drives in 1u.


But that seems like it will get pretty close to 200w, so Im gonna need the lower power skus, and potentially only 8 drives.


Also the power connector is on the different side, so that might be annoying.


Also a lot cheaper, but older aswell.




Other  12 bay enclosures you know about? I see a good amount, but power usage is my big issue with them. 



Any other ideas?

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