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Can't Change Folders from READ-ONLY - Major Problem

I have an entire drive in my system that I CANNOT disable Read-Only on.  No matter what I do they instantly revert back to Read-Only.  I've tried adding a new User to my Windows Install and giving that user Full Permission.  I've tried changing the owner of the driver to multiple different Users, no go.  Command line property changing, Nope.  NONE of the fixes I've found online have worked.  The strange thing is the Folders say Read-Only but the individual video files inside of them don't, however they won't transfer.  Adding to the strangeness, I moved some files from that folder earlier today without issue (just a small folder full of photos).  When I went to move around 300GB of video files this suddenly popped up about 30% of the way through.

This is a really big problem for me as this drive is my Video Editing Workflow drive.  So it is currently full of 1.5TB of Video Project files that I cannot back up at all. 

I did reinstall Windows 10 last week after my windows install became corrupted. However the drive in question is an entirely separate NVMe drive (my Windows install is on a SATA SSD). 

PLEASE HELP, not being able to do anything with these files is a MAJOR problem for me, I cannot lose over a half dozen video projects just because of a Windows fault. I do have the footage spread across a couple drives, but some of the less important ones are ONLY on this drive currently.  I was literally trying to do the backup of them when this issue came up.

Ryzen 7 2700X , Asus Prime X570-Pro, Bykski CPU Block, AMD Vega 56, Barrow GPU block, g.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB PC2800, Dual EKWB SE360 Radiators, Corsair RM750x PSU. All in a Lian-Li PC011 Dynamic XL case.

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