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Why is there such different sized motherboard standoff screws?

Go to solution Solved by Oshino Shinobu,

ATX Standardised Motherboards aren't the only thing that uses standoffs...




I'll be migrating my current PC to a new a case in a week and I was daydreaming about running a couple of small cables under the MOBO. So I searched for some longer standoff screws. lol Until it dawned on me that they'd then make my IO shield not fit in the case. Why is there such a different amount of lengths? What would these really long ones be used for?  https://www.amazon.com/Standoff-Threaded-Motherboard-Assortment-Mounting/dp/B06XQ33Y9X/ref=sr_1_18?dchild=1&keywords=motherboard+standoff+screws&qid=1603252578&sr=8-18

Are there cases that are really that different from the standard size standoff screws? Probably a really newb question, but considering I've only built all of 1 PC I'm still a newb. :)

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