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Is my cpu dead or not?

I have an intel Pentium G2340, I am trying to upgrade it to an I5 4590 but when I do switch it to the I5 it doesn't turn on. I don't think it is a PSU problem because when the motherboard speaker is connected with the intel Pentium Cpu it makes a constant beeping sound when the ram and the GPU is removed. When I try to do it with the I5 the led of the case turns on for a second then goes off without the motherboard speaker making a sound. Does this mean the I5 is dead and does not work or is it just a PSU problem since it is a pretty bad one. 

My computer specs are:

CPU: Intel I5 4590 / Intel Pentium G2340 

Graphics card: Gt 1030 
Ram: HyperX Fury 2x 8gb

PSU: Shaw Evo-775 Max

Motherboard: B85M-D3H Rev2.0 


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