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Super weird and specific mouse.

Guy I've followed a long time Ross Scott who does Freeman's Mind, talked about how his old mouse is dying, but he has a lot of difficulty finding one he likes.  He made a big infographic talking about what he likes, and knowing this forum is full of smart people and linus and a bunch of people have looked at some pretty weird peripherals, thought I'd throw it here and see if anybody has any good suggestions.



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BIG fan of the Logitech G603. Reminds me of my old MX510, but wireless.

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oh the mad catz RAT 5 mouse.

i used that one for about 3 years until i tried doing a driver update which killed it

Anything i've written between the * and * is not meant to be taken seriously.

keep in mind that helping with problems is hard if you aren't specific and detailed.

i'm also not a professional, (yet) so make sure to personally verify important information as i could be wrong.


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@incorrectdigit, this mouse quite cheap like £10 but that means he could replace it really easily but I think it would fulfill most of his checks,

Summivision Zark Gaming Series Mouse

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I've always been a fan of the Logitech G502 range, the shape stays mostly the same and they upgrade the internals.


The space under the side buttons is big enough to grip the mouse without hitting them.


Adjustable weights gives you a bit of play in feel of heft or lightness.

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I think the weirdest/hardest thing to find is wanting the third main button or a scroll that doesn't double as a button.

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