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    small time IT-hero


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    2700x with Cryorig H7
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    msi b450m gaming plus
  • RAM
    G.skill Ripjaws v 2x8 3200
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    Gigabyte windforce OC 2080
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    NZXT H500
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    2x PNY CS900 500GB
    1x Samsung evo 970 plus 1TB
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    Corsair RM750x
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    Lenovo Legion Y27gq-25 27 1440p 240Hz G-sync ultimate
    Lenovo Think vision P27q-10 1080p 60Hz
    HP Omen 27 1440p 144Hz G-sync copmatible
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    Razer black widow chroma going strong for almost 6 years (or more)
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    Razer lancehead TE
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    Hyperx cloud flight
    Corsair void pro (old/reserve)
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    MM Vision GTX960m i7-something 500Gb storage and a dirty screen with 60% of the keyboard that doesn't work.

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  1. i would suggest you go to the one you bought it at. since i'm not sure if the other store will allow you to return a product bought in a different store.
  2. for linux environments stackoverflow for windows server environment try setting up one yourself on vmware or another virtualization program. and there doesn't exist a single crash course that can cover anything and everything about something. there is always other ways to do things, so just do some research would be my best advice
  3. i'll be refreshing websites. Not to buy one but to see how fast they sell out
  4. damnn this looks super sick. maybe it's just me who likes the glass panels but that with a glass panel slapped on both sides would be insane. keep working hard!
  5. guess that depends on the people and place you are at. i had a co-worker playing diablo on his switch at work
  6. if i may ask. what specific part are you sanding off? (i can't contribute to the topic but i'm curious)
  7. i would suggest asking the retailer you bought it from this question, if they say it's okay and it turns out to be broken then you can quote them on saying that it should work and you can get a replacement. if they say it's not okay then you've bought a chip they don't belive is capable of running your system then they're gonna have to give you a replacement otherwise they've sold you wares that won't work
  8. i did not know if you had seen others play it, i don't know you but since you have then it makes more sense. another game i really liked is battle block theater. can be played solo or co-op (co-op is funnier and i suggest you use a controller). it's a puzzle platformer and playing with a friend was a lot of fun.
  9. there is a reason that the WoW Killer hasn't arrived in the last 16 years like every other MMO. i can suggest that you make a free character and try the leveling untill you hit the free play level cap, that way you don't have to spend money on it if you already can say you dislike the game from the few min/hours of play time.
  10. you can try world of warcaft (classic and retail) and just play it casually, endgame content requires you to do grinding content. but you can still get a very enjoyable leveling experience and just start over in a new zone on a different class if you dislike the endgame content. last character i leveled mostly by doing quests took me 24 hours of /played, but i also had some +xp potions and gear. so you'll get pleanty of gametime out of the leveling itself.
  11. yes, but even people who buy brand new high end phones usually don't do that because they want to game or edit videos on them, but to get the "new" thing on the market to scroll twitter and facebook with. i myself have a Oneplus 7T Pro and bought the McLaren edition for extra ram and a cool back panel, but i've never once thought of using it to do heavy tasks. and at the price of some of the new flagship phones from samsung and apple, it's so much cheaper to buy a laptop or desktop with so much more performance for much cheaper
  12. i think asus made a phone with a small fan, and ltt made a video about it too
  13. people also buy a 1650 and a ryzen 2600 and pair it with an 850W psu, i think the power draw of components maybe arent explained very well many places.
  14. nvidia themselves recommend that you get a 750W psu. this next part is copy pasted directly from their spec sheet , while they state that if a lower end processor than a 10900k is used a lower W Psu might work, the fact that the makers of the gpu suggest 750W probably means it's a good idea to get that Founders Edition Thermal Power Specs: Maximum GPU Temperature (in C) 93 Graphics Card Power (W) 320 Required System Power (W) (2) 750
  15. do you have windows 10 anniversary edition? when i looked up the issue i found this. Feature Windows 10 support Connect via USB cable Supported Connect via Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows Supported Connect via Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 Supported, requires Windows 10 Anniversary Update. For best performance, update your controller. Connect via Bluetooth