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System not booting with my rx 5700 xt


Here's my issue!


A few months ago, I purchased an rx 5700 xt (gigabyte gaming oc) to replace my gtx 1050 (prior to this I owned an r9 270x, working flawlessly). 

Had a few issues getting my system to boot with the new card plugged in, but I managed to get it working after switching around some cables to the monitor (using a dp-cable). 

Now, a couple months later, I am encountering the same problem - only now it persists. Here's the problem:


- When I boot up the computer, all lights turn on, fans are running, but there is no action on the monitor. My keyboard doesn't light up either. I found a workaround that more or less works everytime, but it's extremely impractical and quite irritating. I turn of the pc, switch the monitor cable from the gpu to the motherboard, unplug the psu cables from the gpu, and can succesfully boot the system. I now shut down the pc, switch back the monitor cable to the gpu, as well as plugging in power to the gpu, and then boot - now it boots succesfully..... until I decide to shut down the pc and turn it back on - then it wont boot and I have to repeat the steps again.


Hope some of you might have an idea of what's causing this 


Thanks in advance          

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If your BIOS/Chipset driver is updated and you have tried DDU - the next step is RMAing the card as it seems you got very unlucky with a defective card. Try for a Sapphire Pulse model next time since they have a much better track record than Gigabyte and MSI

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