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Building new HTPC...now?

Want to build a HTPC which will also be used for light work (mostly word processing). For the first time in my life I won’t be going intel despite 10th gen chips.

was going for 3600X but now hearing rumours about a 3600XT that will be released soon. Should I just jump in and get a 3700X which will probably be overkill, go for a 3600X or just wait but not sure till when probably July?

Or should I forget everything and go intel 10th Gen?


Thanks fam!

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I would just get the 3600 since it is basically the same as the 3600X. If it's going to be used for word processing and the like, it'll be more than enough. If you have the money, the 3700X would be a nice upgrade but it's not a big deal either way

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