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Nvme m2 slow on Amd Ryzen system

Sr for my bad English,but after almost a year that i cant find any satisfied answer on the interner,some site like reddit,i think LTT is a best place that can answer my concern!
\-Amd R7 3700x with x570 msi gaming edge wifi
\-I5 9600k with z390 aorus elite.
I was face this problem on m2 nvme samsung 970 evo plus 500gb.
Even that i was clean install windows 10 on AMD system at the first time,but it had serious problem with boot time and even with data loading (i'm a music producer that need to load sound library from Daw),but thing has change until i switch it to the Intel system,its a "huge difference",i can't even see the "Welcome" before desktop.
Actually i was looking for this problem in half of a year , saw many many of people having a same issues and many kind of advice like "Uefi,turn off fast startup,disable Ulps,fast boot etc" but none of them actually work.
So in general, i dont mean to trigger a war to someone who loved AMD, i really want to know if there is a way to fix all of these "lacking of windows/data slow boot" of AMD if compare to Intel or this is really an issues that belong to AMD.
Once again sorry for my bad English,you guys are great community!
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