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Games having fps drops all of a sudden.

1 week ago i was playing battlefield 1 with my friend on a conquest match, It was working fine until a frame drop occured and was getting bad fps then. I launched forza horizon 4 then and it cant even get past the loading screen and even if it did i was getting huge fps drop like freezing for 1 or 2 seconds then running  on 60 fps and this keep goin on.

I tried restarting the pc and it told me to enter wifi password again as there were some network changes occured since last restart.

I entered the password again and it kept showing the same error. So i restarted again

and i was able to connect but the frame drops were still there. I installed an old version of windows but still there were frame drops even in crew 2 where i never experienced a fps problem.

Someone kindly respond....

My specs 

i3 8100

gigabyte h310mh

zotac gtx 1060 3gb

cm 450 psu

16 gb gskill ripjaws

1tb wd hdd

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Just now, JoostinOnline said:

Try running Disk Cleanup as administrator and clearing your DirectX Shader Cache. I had that problem about a week ago and it fixed it for me.


i did a reset and then installed an older version of windows later ..still no improvements

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