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DisplayPort won't boot


Mobo: Gigabyte B450

GPU: Asus Turbo 1080Ti

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 (stock)

Ram: Corsair 3000MHz 2x8GB

PSU: Zalman 700W 80+

Display: Samsung C27HG70QQM


When I connect with a display port my pc won't boot. I have those small speakers in the mobo and that beep sound won't come. If I connect with hdmi it boots up normally then I connect DP and change to that but even then display starts closing and opening every couple minutes. I changed to another cable but it didn't fix. How can I fix this?


I need DP for freesync and 144hz HDMI doesn't support both.


Edit: Because on samsung site it doesn't say clearly the version of the DP I went and bought DP 1.2 cables. According to this site monitor has 1.4 could it be the issue? 



Edit 2: Didn't get the proper manual but found it on the site it says dp 1.1-2-4 is supported still no idea what's causing the issue.


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