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  1. When I start viveport I get an error called unexpected error occured please try again pressing retry doesn't work anyone knows how to fix this?
  2. About a year ago I bought a Samsung LC27HG70 monitor and ever since then I had this issue where sometimes when I open the PC DP source wouldn't give any picture while the HDMI would work just fine. Because manufacturer didn't think It'll be wise to put a HDMI port that supports the native resolution and refresh rate of the monitor (1440p 144Hz) plus Freesync wouldn't work with Nvidia cards this was a frustrating issue for me. I've tried different cables, different DP ports (only on my GPU since display has 1 DP port), uninstalling GPU drivers and reinstalling newest version also installing an
  3. I almost assumed you were Express VPN support lol Thank you for your reply but they are ticked by default when installed.
  4. For the last couple of weeks I had this weird problem where in online games like R6 Siege and CS:GO (especially when connecting to server to start the round) randomly I get massive high ping and lag very randomly, nearly everything I tried didn't work even opened another topic in this forum which I'll link below. Long story short last thing I tried that isolated the issue was complete system format and only installing GPU drivers Steam and the games. And the problem was gone to isolate the issue properly and since lag happened very randomly I decide to install programs one at a time an wait 1-
  5. Just alt tab and open it runs fine. I'm only doing it to check if it's my connection
  6. It can happen during mid gameplay too I only found this error in the event view nothing about network or csgo
  7. Weird thing is my friends can hear me from discord I can Alt+Tab watch youtube no problem. I tried both wireless and ethernet and ethernet is my main style of connection.
  8. For the past couple of weeks I've been having this issue where usually at the start of the match in both R6 Siege and CSGO I start to get heavy lag while still being able to use discord or watch netflix from the same machine without a problem. On R6 Siege I get red plug icon and yellow fps icon. I've contacted my ISP, Steam, Ubisoft none could understand or fix the problem. I've tried port forwarding to both steam and ubisoft servers, trying to play with my phone data, different ethernet cable, wireless connection, formatting the system, reinstalling the games nothing fixed this. I'm in desper
  9. I've just installed Windows 10 (v2004) after the install it wanted me to put a pin and wouldn't proceed without putting it so I did and then I removed the pin by clicking I've forgot my pin and cancelling it. However now everytime I restart or open the computer on lock screen it wants me to put a pin if I cancel I can proceed without putting a PIN only to be prompted later. How do I fix this it's really annoying?
  10. I have a 1080Ti and freesync works fine with Nvidia cards only if you plug it with DisplayPort. Once you got your 3070/80 and installed drivers go to Nvidia Control Panel on the right you'll see the Set-up G-Sync option and you open it and that's all you have to do to enable Freesync. Monitor: Samsung C27HG
  11. With the release of RTX30 series I'm going for a GPU upgrade from 1080Ti to 2080ti or 3070 and I also wanted to change my display as well. Currently have a Samsung C27HG70 (1440p 144Hz HDR) I had these displays in mind what do you guys think about them should I go for these or stick with my current monitor? AOC G2868PQU BenQ EL2870U LG 27UL550-W ViewSonic VX3211
  12. It is g-sync compatible. However I'll try this next time DP starts working.
  13. Monitor: Samsung LC27HG70 Mobo: Asus TUF B450M Pro Gaming CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 @ stock GPU: Asus Turbo 1080Ti RAM: 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX PSU: Zalman ZM700-GV 700W 80+ Here's the problem I connect the displayport works fine for 2-3 days then suddenly whether I'm starting the PC or restarting it DP suddenly stops working going to black screen. Wait for 1-2 days connect DP back and starts working like nothing happened. I tried with a different cable but it's same. I can connect with HDMI while it isn't working the problem is I can't get Freesync and 144Hz with
  14. Just bought this cooler for my CPU and these are the temps during gaming and under full load running idle between 40-50C (dropping really fast and going up between those numbers). I tried to put the cpu fan to turbo on bios but didn't change anything. Isn't this a bit too hot for this cooler I made sure it gets enough air from my case fans. This guy seems to be getting 61C full load with same cooler. (load test at 3:44) Case: MSI Mag Vampiric 010m (3x120mm fans at front) Mobo: Asus Tuf B450M Pro Gaming CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 stock GPU: Asus Turbo 108