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New HDD with encrypted partition on it


I've recently ordered two HDDs for two separate systems at two locations. When they arrived I immediately installed one of them and with no issues, after a couple of days when I taveled to the other location I've installed the other one and was dumbstruck when Windows informed that there's a partition on it that's encrypted with BitLocker. I've fired up TestDisk and this is what I found



When I fired up CrystalDisk however 



It says (and yes I use "Shizuku Edition") it's only been turned on twice (both by me) and it has 0 recorded "power on hours" which is somewhat surprising. So here's my question. Have I been sent used drives that have been somehow wiped and someone wasn't very diligent with one of them? And if not then how did this data find it's way on a new drive? Is it just a glitch or maybe it wasn't wiped after being tested in a factory?

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