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looking for a quality keyboard for new build.


so im going to be building my first build this summer and im looking for a good keyboard that can last 4-5 years i guess(never used PC, only laptop)


so from what i know and like, heres the reqs.


at most 300 CAD (for example keyboard A is 315 CAD thats ok but if kb B is 390 CAD its too much)


Cherry MX Brown (becasue i dont particularly like loud sound.)


RGB lighting


optional: hopefully a wrist rest?]


thank you!

stuff is cool. stuff that has fancy lighting is cooler. stuff that has fancy lighting and works is the coolest.


i game so i know a bit abt gaming tech, not much abt professional tech.


writing this as i finish a 3 hour D2 sesh so excuse anything wrong.

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