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What should i do to prep a radiator for sale?

Tl;dr i want to sell a radiator. Is running Mayhems sysprep part 2 and some distilled water through it as part of my main maintenance enough before i sell it?


So when i made my rig, i went overkill on the rads, as well as making some questionable mounting options.


Now it's time for loop maintenance, if I'm going to drain the loop anyway i was thinking i should sort those issues.


My setup is a thick 3x120 on top, and a medium 3x140 on front.


Both are mounted in a way where the fans are mounted on the outside of the case, and the radiator inside, thus having a bit of case in between the fan and rad. I believe this means I'm not getting the best performance out of my setup as I'm losing air pressure between that and a bad choice of fan.


The top has an issue where if the fans spin up to a high enough speed, i get a grating noise as they hit the fan mounts if i screw them tight.


My plan is to fix both of these by move everything internally.


The issue here becomes my thick rad. As there's only enough clearance for the rad now I'm going to need to get a thinner rad. And as i have no use for the thick one after this, i plan to sell.


I plan to run mayhems part 2 through my system, then doing a distilled water flush, as part of refreshing the fluid.


Will that be enough to prepare the radiator for sale? Or do i need to do more?


I will get exact part names if need be.

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You don’t need to do anything. I’d make sure it’s dry, that’s it. As far as cleaning it out, that’s the end users responsibility. 
Just state what fluid was used if you wonna give them a heads up. 
Putting way too much effort towards this. 

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Fair enough, wasn't sure if i should clean it before sale or not. Thanks for the advice.

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