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I am looking for motherboard and cpu for my friend



realy I am looking for a friend my pc is good it has i5 4590 24gb of ddr3 ram msi 970 4gb but my friend has athlon 64x2 yeah that bad budget is 500tl (75dollars rightnow) we are looking for a new motherboard and a cpu and motherboard needs to have ddr2 ram support he's pc is realy bad and yeah in Turkey its hard so thats why the budget is low and we are looking for 2. hand componets because new ones wont fit to budget



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Look for a used office combo. I've seen i5 2400 Dell/HP/Lenovo machines go for about 50- 100$

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I know but it will double or even more because of taxes it TOO high here I am not in america so I cant do that


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