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well, there is only really one , the bay where you install you gpu card, sound card, tv card, wifi card, ethernet card and similar, the ones that go in the back of the pc




but is often confused with the bays where we used to install cdrom drives in the front, or hard disks that you can pull out of the pc without opening it, front usb ports with card readers, temperature monitors and similar stuff, that no one uses anymore basically






some even think on hard disk bays as expansion bays, but hard disk and ssds are that storage, not expansion cards


about tips, dont buy cases with acrylic panels, the acrylic scratches just by looking at it


i dont recomend to buy microatx cases, most of them will give you problems managing psu cables, and will limit your choices in terms of size of parts you put inside


i buy now atx cases that often come with 5 or 7 expansion bays in the back


most times you should go for airflow and not just size or if the case looks good or not, you might buy a case and keep it for 5 years, so has to be good, not just pretty


i do like a case that has a psu shroud, to hide both the psu and the psu cables is very usefull

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