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Guts out PC build on a horizontal case, need case recommendation


Hello everyone. This is my first post in here. I've searched the forum, but could not find a thread answering my question. I want to build a horizontal layout pc case, with CPU heatsink and GPU sticking out of the panel (going to cut the panel to make that happen). But with horizontal layout, comes the PSU and motherboard limitations.


I want to use a standard layout for both PSU and motherboard, no proprietary PSU and motherboard type. Most of the horizontal cases either have their own PSU, or non-standard mobo layout. So, I need you guys' help.


First of all, I am not looking for brand new systems, I'm on a budget. System will be used for light gaming and daily tasks. If I can, I might change the motherboard with decent one but don't want to right now for budget reasons. CPU heatsink and GPU are going to be bought seperately, so they are not included in this equation right now. 1151-1156 pin cpu's with somewhat decent motherboard should be fine. As I said, my main concern is the ATX PSU support as it is the most limiting factor. existence of mATX or mITX standoffs. Is there any case that comes to your mind?


EDIT: Forgot to mention, I am mostly looking for cases like thinkcentres, business type systems as they are the cheapest. I can't afford cases from big brands, and don't want to modify and ruin them effectively killing it's resale value.

EDIT 2: Not looking for a case with ATX psu support anymore, gon' hook that baby up the ghetto way


BTW, I did not specify my budget for this build, as I neither live in US/Canada/EU. Prices are not that close with this trio in Turkey.

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So, I made this badboy today in SketchUp. Basically this is what i want to build. After I realized I can't fit an atx psu to any of the sff cases, decided to do what i want to do with gpu and cpu, to the psu. I want this to be a guts out build.


I've modeled these on an Optiplex 3010 SFF case with a micro-atx board, but I don't know if the case has appropriate mount holes for it. Can anyone confirm that?







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