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10 year anniversary coming for cougar zephar mx-750. Anyone running an older PSU?


So it's about 2019 and it dawned on me that my cougar zephar mx-750 PSU has been running strong since 2008. At the end of this year, it will be a decade old (give or take a few months). It's been the main PSU for my ever-changing gaming rigs and keeps on chugging. Every now and then I test the 12V rails and both are solid under load. They're within spec and continue function as one would expect. Right now it's on my eldest son's gaming rig and running the nuclear reactor called the FX 9590...and an RX 570.


I guess my post is a question. Is there anyone running a PSU that is more than 10-years old on serious rigs (continuous...and lots of amps)? I don't care what brand...as I know Cougar is made by HEC and second tier at best. The one rule is it can't be something that's in your closet collecting dust or a low-end email machine...but a daily-use rig that eats power.  


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