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Hard Drive Not Detected after installing Intel Optane 32 Gb model

My System Specs:


I5 8600k

8 GB ram

4TB Toshiba Hard Drive

Intel Optane 32gb

Gtx 1070ti EVGA SuperClocked

Evga 750 watt G3 80+ Gold


The Problem:

I had recently installed a Gtx 1070ti on a 500 watt Power Supply and there were some crashes before while it was just 1 Hard Drive (Toshiba 4TB). I installed the new Psu after thinking the 1070ti just needed more power.  I also installed an Intel Optane. After everything was installed I boot up the pc into Bios and the only Storage detected was the Intel Optane. Everything else worked. So, I tried plugging into different SATA ports but nothing worked.

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