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A theory on why there was more than one Infinity Gauntlet.


This theory was posted on Reddit and sorry i cant remember their user.

So basically, Hela used to be Odin executioner and they used to travel to different planets conquering them. Maybe they were searching for the infinity stones. After getting to Volmir to get the soul stone, Odin couldnt do it because that would mean he would have to sacrifice Hela. And Odin already had the Space Stone, which was inside the tesseract this was how they could travel from planet to planet. I believe he got a gauntlet forge on Nidavellir to harness the power of all the stone but then never used it. As and yes the gauntlet that Thanos uses was left handed and the on that Odin had was right handed. So they stopped trying to find all the soul stones. Then of course in Infinity War we see Thanos sacrifice  Gamora to get the stone. To me this seems very logical and thoughtout, I could see this being real. What's your thoughts on this theory?

The article that i read where i first read this theory can be found here: https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/fan-theory-offers-an-explanation-of-the-infinity-gauntlet-we-saw-on-asgard-in-thor-ragnarok

It explains it much better than i can lol :)

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