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Dual Booting For Different Drivers


Does it make any sense to have two boot drives in the same computer so you can separate the drivers required to run a 'Gaming' GPU and a Quadro CAD card?

It seems to be a fairly common thing that people want to have a computer that can do both CAD and Gaming, but there seems to be no easy solution for this. It used to be possible from what I have read but these days the GTX and Quadro drivers seem to interfere with one another, resulting missing Quadro features of a straight up broken system. I'm looking at building a dedicated CAD machine but It seems crazy to spend £1500-2000 on brand new hardware which I'd be missing out on for Gaming.

So, I had a thought, - dual boot the system.

One SSD has windows configured for CAD, with the drivers for only the Quadro card, and the other SSD has all the drivers for the GTX card. They then share a common 1TB SSD with all the other software installed on it; which would be both Solidworks and all my games, and an extra HDD for mass storage. I could also use one large SSD and partition it, to get the same result, but you get the idea. Here is a modified version of the build I was planning that might make this work - 

The main issues I can see would be that I would need two windows licences, and perhaps double copies of other software as well as I am not sure if one system would want to read or run programs installed by the other. There may be a much easier way though of switching drivers, but I don't know how tied into the rest of a computers system they are. I don't mind having to reboot to switch between CAD and Gaming as SSD's make boot times less than 30 seconds if the system is clean.

Anyway... thoughts? Anyone know of a better way? Or might this actually work.

PS: I am aware that this straddles both the Graphics and Motherboard Topics, so I hope its in the right place.

Desktop: i7 4790K, Asus Z97 Pro Gamer, GTX 1070, 512GB M.2, 2x 3TB HDD's, Acer XR342CK
Laptop: Mac Book Pro 17" 2010, with Windows 7, & Dell U2410.
Most used Software: Solidworks 2017, Skyrim, Fallout 3 & NV, Maplestory 2, Space Engineers

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