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GPU fans full and black screen, PC wont boot


This is my situation as of now. I built a new system yesterday, with a brand new motherboard, cpu and PSU, and using the drives and the GPU from my last build.


I was playing pubg today, my screen went black, and my gpu fans starting spinning at 100, I have a temp monitor in the top corner and temps were 60-70 degrees.


I have seen some other threads, With very similar issues but still am not quite sure whether it is the PSU or GPU. Whenever I try to boot, the VGA light on my motherboard stays on, AND WON'T BOOT


So far I have change motherboard slots, tried another PSU, launched the pc without the gpu, and followed this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rfe0jYSpUg, No luck.


My system is:f

Asus Prime z390-a

intel core i5 9600k

EVGA supernova 750W g2

EVGA 1070 SC  

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