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Finalmouse Air58 Sensor overclocking? (Safe?)

So I purchased an air58 from finalmouse and I didn’t know it was 500hz polling rate which isn’t a big deal but I’ve played on 1000hz (basilisk) for a while now so I emailed finalmouse support asking what the polling rate is and they responded with this

Could someone confirm whether or not that’s true? Can overclocking with 3rd party damage the sensor? Also if I had to use the warranty but I un-overclocked before sending would they be able to tell?

thanks everyon



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7 hours ago, Shimejii said:

Just dont do it. Just get use to it or dont use the mouse, If you flash it and it doesnt work or its not designed to run at that spec it can brick it.

Really? That suckssss but I’ve seen people do it before and like guides 

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You don't have to, high polling rate aren't always better. Some people even lower their polling rate because the sensor work better in certain polling rate settings. So maybe the CS is right you know.


People did not OC their mice anymore unlike in the old days its not necessary and even if you did, I doubt you'll notice the difference

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It's a 1ms difference between 500Hz and 1000Hz.  Unless you are trying to, you won't notice the difference.

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6 hours ago, Shimejii said:

You can try, but its 100$ paperweight if you brick it and for not much gain.

And a rather light paperweight as well. 

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