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Windows 10 Mic Input Super Low (Laptop) [pls help]


TLDR: Headset mic way too quiet on windows 10 laptop, already tried every solution i could find, pls help.


So I recently bought a Hyperx Cloud Silver headset and I first tested it with my desktop and it worked fine, the microphone was quiet on the desktop at first too but once I set the level of the microphone to 100% (it was set to something really low by default for some reason) it was working just fine. However, when I went to test it with my laptop (which is the main computer I plan to use this headset with) I again had the issue with the microphone being way too quiet but I was not able to easily fix it like I did on my desktop (the laptop i'm using is an MSI GS63 Stealth). I tried setting the level to 100% and even turning the boost all the way up but it's still way quieter than I think it should be. I've tried so many different solutions from the internet: Updating drivers, reinstalling drivers, turning up the boost (which doesn't work) at this point I don't really know what the solution may be, I doubt it's a hardware issue unless it's with my laptop since the headset works just fine on my desktop. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Gear in question:

MSI GS 63 Stealth

Hyperx Cloud Silver


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