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Nvida 1050 Ti graphics card fans work but if not my system is laggy

Hi I have just brought a brand new nivida gtx 1050 ti graphics card. All plugged in and working but when booting into windows 10 the fans spin for a few seconds then stop when I start a game the fans never spins at all. When I go into the software to overwrite this and start the fans they work but only if i manually open the software to start the fans. if I don't do this my system becomes slow and my games are laggy but if I turn on the fans my system runs as normal as possible before discovering this every now and again I would get a blue screen saying :( your pc ran into a problem and it will connect the information and restart then the system would turn off after 2 seconds and the gpu was hot that you could fry an egg on it after cooling off I would restart the pc and it would run normal again.

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  1. it its normal for modern graphics card that the fans don't spinning on light workloads. this is for lower noise and save power.
  2. what games do you play? 1050ti isnt a very powerful card to begin with. it's for esports game, not for 1080p max setting on big titles.
  3. blue screen could mean a lot of things.
  4. next time try not to post in spaghetti okay?



why everybody post the spec of their rig here? i dont! cuz its made of mashed potatoes!

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