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Nicnac's Tech Info Dump


brought to you by the creator of "Nicnac's Meme Dump" and other fun threads


I've decided to post my favourite news sources revolving around tech here, so maybe you will find your next favourite website here as well :P 

Disclaimer: These are my personal preferences and this is in no way an exhaustive list. This is what I like to check day to day to get an overview.

There's a little bit of everything from gaming focussed, general news to specific industry sources for investors and the like.

Finally, I'd like for everyone to share their favourite news site/ source for tech news below!


Ok, here we go:


General Science:


New Scientist (a lot of paywalls unfortunately)

Science (papers and nice articles)


Gaming and Hardware stuff:


Anandtech (quality but slow)

WCCFTech (Yes, I know you hate it. It's salt mill central and all but there's quality stuff here and there and they are among the fastest to pick up rumours)

pcgameshardware.de (a German site. Pretty quick with news and sometimes even faster than wccftech)


In-depth Tech and financial:


Term Sheet by Fortune.com (The shiz)

TheInformation (a bit dry but unique)

TheNextWeb (kinda a turn back to general news but all techy)


hope you find something interesting :) 



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