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Sony Xperia XZ 250€

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Posted · Original PosterOP

This particular device have dropped in price significantly. Do you think it's worth it for the price? Mainly looking (not I) for a good camera at a good price.

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hmm i always think, there's a reason, if a certain Phone drops in price unusually much compared to others.


Sony Smartphoens never were that "awesome" with their Camera. Mostly because of the Software.

For example, a Galaxy S7 should still shoot better Images, but compared to modern new 250€ smartphones, it should be just fine, or at least better.

However, just 3gb Ram might be a bummer for the Performance (mainly not performance, but reloading for Apps while multitasking), and Snapdragon 820 isn't really a super great one (also due to only 2+2 Core configuration).


But still, for 250€, it's a solid piece of tech, really can't argue much against that ^^. Keep in Mind, it's 2 years old now, and there might be a chance it won't get Android Pie. But if it gets, it will be the last major update.

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I had been using a Sony Z3 compact for about 3 years and I really liked it. The stock camera app is trash, but after I downloaded the "Open Camera" app, the photos looked way better.

I also really liked the What's New app because it would give away a paid app/game for free each day. I know, I'm a cheapskate :)


LTT has made multiple videos on Sony phones, so maybe check those out too.

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