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  1. Darn, I thought if they supported both gpu skus there may be a chance
  2. Yeah, but a gpu enclosure adds another $300 on top of the new gpu's price and you also loose the portability of the laptop...
  3. Hi, I was planning on buying the new xps 17 when it launches, but I'm not sure which gpu to pick: the 1650ti or the 2060. The 1650ti would probably be good enough for my use, but since I don't plan on upgrading for another 4-5 years, the extra power of the 2060 is pretty alluring. (I'm currently using an xps 15 9550 with a 960m) So I wanted to ask if you guys think I could purchase the 1650ti version and later (if I need the extra power) find somewhere to buy a replacement 2060 gpu to put in? Or would the motherboard be incompatible with different gpus? Thanks!
  4. You can disable it, but Google still has the old data. Also Google was found a little while back ignoring that setting and collecting data anyway, so I don't fully trust them... (source: https://www.theverge.com/2017/11/21/16684818/google-location-tracking-cell-tower-data-android-os-firebase-privacy) I believe it's AutoHotKey's own language, but I could be wrong. (This was the first time I used it)
  5. If you don't know already, Google keeps a record of when and where you've been if you have Google Maps open or if you use an Android phone (I don't think this is an issue on Iphones, I don't have one to test). Good thing is, you can delete it, bad thing is, you can only do so one date at a time (and each date takes 3 clicks to delete) so it takes ages to delete all of it by hand. I got a bit annoyed by this today and (after I couldn't find any good auto-clickers online that also move the mouse) I decided to make my own with AutoHotKey (btw, this was the first time I used AutoH
  6. I had been using a Sony Z3 compact for about 3 years and I really liked it. The stock camera app is trash, but after I downloaded the "Open Camera" app, the photos looked way better. I also really liked the What's New app because it would give away a paid app/game for free each day. I know, I'm a cheapskate LTT has made multiple videos on Sony phones, so maybe check those out too.
  7. Thank God the CPU isn’t the problem So would upgrading to an SSD solve the problem? If yes, would a sata III m.2 do the trick, or should I splurge for a NVMe m.2?
  8. Hi there, I had encrypted my OS drive with VeraVrypt, but it took ~5 minutes to boot into windows 10 and be able to open something... I have re-installed windows on the drive to retry the encryption, thinking maybe that will fix the problem (it didn't), and I also ran a few CrystalDisk Mark tests before and after the encryption. (Something to note, I have also "shrunk" the C: drive from 1Tb to 470Gb so it wouldn't take as long to encrypt. Don't know if that affects performance or not.) As you can see, "Test 2" was done before encryption, I was getting 1.2 - 1.3 MB/s in
  9. Hey, so I’ve been on a WAN Show binge for some time and I stumbled upon the one about Meltdown and Spectre. I got curious again about this and I tried googling if and how it’s been resolved, but all the posts I could find were right around that period where things were uncertain, so I thought to post here and ask you guys about it. Have these vulnerabilities been fixed with just some updates or are they impossible to patch and we need new CPUs to get rid of them? I’m mostly interested in how they affect Intel procesors and Windows 10, but I’m also interested in AMD, ARM &
  10. Yea, I guess it’s easier to just be carefull and hold a backup of the files. Thanks for the help!
  11. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but for 1000$ wouldn’t you be better off buying a new pc? Or if you want Macos, building a Hackintosh?
  12. Hey there, I’m looking for a way to run 2 versions of Windows 10 on one harddrive so that if one of them gets infected with a virus or malware, the other one is unaffected. I basically want to keep my important files on one of the os’ and put my games and random programs on the other. I’ve looked into VMs (but can’t use them since I also want to game on the guest os) and also sandboxing (but it’s a bit confusing as to what files are inside the sandbox and what aren’t, plus I’ve had some problems with installing games in it...) I’ve also thought of dual booting, but