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HELP?? 16 pin to 14 pin SLI

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi all, I wonder if anyone can maybe assist me in this, on my graphics card (Nvidia Geforce 210) there is a total of 16 pins used as per manual of the graphics card manufacturer for a normal D-Sub connector but I don't have a 16 pin SLI to to D-Sub connector and only have a 14 pin one. I have searched all over the web for a how to but couldn't find anything related to this topic. I had a related topic regarding a conversion of DVI to VGA but so far only fails (As my screen is only bright red or just off). If anyone could assist me in this and maybe provide a tutorial on how to do it please.


Kind Regards


Pierre Venter

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16 pin SLI to DSub?  That makes no sense to me.


Are you trying to get DVI to VGA to work in order to use multiple monitors or something?


Can you tell me what card model you have so I can look at the manual page you are looking at?



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12 minutes ago, Totti30 said:

This is the manual to where they call it a SLI connector, check it out maybe I am wrong



And talking about the DVI port its the white DVI-I connector

Interesting.  I've never seen that particular piece called an SLI connector before.  Then again...that is a genuinely terrible manual.  Are you saying you're missing that cable or connector?  It should come with a new card.


Could probably get something like this:




Pop it out of the bracket it comes with and pop it into yours.  There are cheaper options for purchase, just using the link as a reference.


It's a VGA header cable.  VGA HD15F to IDC16.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

No, I have got this card from one of my friends, I am a stay at home dad and providing IT solutions to my community in South Africa, so money wise I cant do it, that's why I am trying to check if I can solve my problem myself before attempting to buy a new one (to which I am scared that it could be my GPU that's faulty and that I have wasted allot of money for nothing) and yes I know the IT rules and most apply in it as if faulty do not try to repair but replace, and that one rule doesn't work so well to me as I do like going in deep into electronics

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Oh and yes maybe you are asking yourself if I am providing IT solutions to the community then I do have money for replacements, No I don't I live in a poor community and most of the people I help in their IT related problems don't have money to pay me for jobs, so mostly I try to assist them in all I can without any replacements but if there is something for replacement then I just tell them this is the part and its going to cost you this so NO labor money towards myself, I am sorry if I am not an easy forum member but I do try to do all I can without spending money to do so

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