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Question about Dell U2412M usb ports

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello everyone,


Ok this is maybe a little weird question but I can't find the information I need about it.

First a little background.


I have a Dell U2412M and I own an Asus Sabertooth Z77 which has a high power usb port which you can use for charging tablets fast.

This fast power charging can be enabled with the asus software. This way the port doesn't work as a USB port anymore but solely as a charging point which can deliver up to a few amps (I'm not sure how much precisely).


My question is can I connect this port to my Dell monitor and turn the charging mode on? I know it's some sort of usb-hub in the monitor. But can it handle the high current? Will it burn a circuit? Or does the hub draw it's power from the monitor's power supply and not from the 5V from the USB port it's connected to?


Regardless, thanks for any input


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It pulls it from the motherboard/PSU, if your plan is a multi port high amp charger on your monitor don't do it.

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