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      Please Use CODE Tags   31 Jan 2016

      Welcome to the Programming and Software Design Section,

      When asking for help with programming issues, please use the code tags to enclose your code, it makes things much more easily readable for the people trying to help you, thus improving your chances of actually getting help.
        To add code tags, click the <> button on the editor toolbar, then enter your code in the code editor that appears. If you are on a mobile device, or prefer to use BBCode, you can use [code] // Your code here // It will be syntax highlighted, though not necessarily corectly. [/code] (but the code editor is more consistent and less buggy).

Need help with a project that i'm doing

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1 minute ago, Cruorzy said:

Totally true however the last posts was aimed at Lumi, it should be pretty normal to try to educate a guy when he is clearly in the wrong.

Not every post inside a topic must be aimed towards the creator of the Topic.


The guy who created the topic is already going on since he already made a new topic concerning a problem he had while learning of a youtube video.

I quoted them not out of wanting to aim at those responses but to aim at the general discussion.

Join the Appleitionist cause! See spoiler below for answers to common questions that shouldn't be common!


Q: Do I have a virus?!
A: If you didn't click a sketchy email, haven't left your computer physically open to attack, haven't downloaded anything sketchy/free, know that your software hasn't been exploited in a new hack, then the answer is: probably not.


Q: What email/VPN should I use?
A: Proton mail and VPN are the best for email and VPNs respectively. (They're free in a good way)


Q: How can I stay anonymous on the (deep/dark) webzz???....

A: By learning how to de-anonymize everyone else; if you can do that, then you know what to do for yourself.


Q: What Linux distro is best for x y z?

A: Lubuntu for things with little processing power, Ubuntu for normal PCs, and if you need to do anything else then it's best if you do the research yourself.


Q: Why is my Linux giving me x y z error?

A: Have you googled it? Are you sure StackOverflow doesn't have an answer? Does the error tell you what's wrong? If the answer is no to all of those, message me.


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Geez, what is going on here?


I recomend to get comfortable with the environment you are developing in, tools like x-debug for debugging the code in realtime with breakpoints. programs to interact with the database and of course version control like git


An good PHP ide that i use is PhpStorm, It is available to students for free  https://www.jetbrains.com/student/ 


In my opinion, if you are concerned about security you should not implement your own login system, you should implement something along the lines of twitter's or googles's oauth2 login else use something that is well used and proven to work.


I would also recomend the Laravel framework, could take some time to get the hang of it but they have geat documentation.

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