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Been looking for a laptop for a while now. halp meh

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi guys, for the past couple of months I was looking for a laptop/ultrabook, but none satisfied me. Maybe you can help me.


-Device will be used for work (writing and programming for school), and teh internetz. (None of games I might be playing need anything higher than Intel graphics)

-Device should be portable (I want to be able to carry it with ease, just throw it in my bag)

-Device should have good battery life (it doesn't have to last for 9h, but I want to be able to use it without worrying about the battery to much)

-No need for 1080p (but I wouldn't mind ofc)

-Touch screen would be nice

-Don't care much about storage, I use Flash drives for everything



I don't want to go higher than 1300$, so no Aspire S7. I live in Europe.

And yes, a looked at Macs, but I don't like OSX.


I love you all

3770k MaxVFormula 7970 16gb AX760 1 barracuda 250 840 NHD14 

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ermm...Love you back <3 no homo

Actually I saw a Aspire S7 in John Lewis here in the UK for 800 pounds (not weight of course)

Please become a member of the Linus Tech Tips forum, keep writing smug remarks & let us love you. Peace out.

<| Project M13 & Silverstream. Other DIY projects |>

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