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Feenix Collection Giveaway

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I choose Feenix Aria Headset. because that is the only one I can benefit from and the design is not bad.


I have to admit the mouse is really better than the headset but if you are the one bad at gaming (slower reaction), that 1ms really doesn't make any different -_-


I hope the headset come with mic...

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Amazing giveaway once again! Every product is good. but DAT all black keyboard is so sexy!

AMD FX 8320@ Stock - Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0 - Kingston HyperX 8GB 1600Mhz - Corsair Carbide 200R - Powercolor Radeon HD 7950 PCS+OC@970Mhz core 1400Mhz memory - Corsair CS650W - Samsung 840 EVO 250GB 
LG 22EA53VQ 21.5" - CM Storm Xornet - CM Storm Quickfire TK - Creative Inspire T3130 2.1

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Hello, this might be a late entry but I'll push my luck. I would like to get the Feenix keyboad because I have a DELL one. It is a brick and is a gaming nightmare. Feenix specs and Linus' quick review on it makes me want to have them. However, I don't know where to purchase them. So choose me as a winner plox.

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That mouse looks gorgeous, and the cans on the headphones match the sleek styling of their other gear so well.


Also I recently got an M65, and am so disappointed with it :( Just uncomfy



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Oh god I hope I'm not too late.. I don't have any experience with these products whatsoever so I can't really say which is my favourite, but the mouse pad looks sick and I need one.. Like badly.. :D The headset would be nice to get too.

P.S. Loving ya videos LMG!

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