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    Love to build a PC & Desain Vector logo and of course GAMING !
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    Indonesian people who love build a pc but don't have the facilities . And fall in love with game .
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    AMD FX 6300
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    Asrock 970 Pro 3 R2.0
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    Powercolor HD 7870
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    Armaggeddon T3X
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    Seagete 500 GB
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    Xtreme 750w
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    Polytron 21"
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    Stock Cooling
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    Sades SA 901 Wolfang
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    Windows 7
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  1. No bro, it restart without bsod bro. Just turn off and on again. But if i disable the realtek audio driver. Everything runs smooth. But i cant hear anything cause i disable it. Does microsoft have audio driver ? As long its not from realtek. I dunno its just keep restart or freeze if i enable the realtek driver. Even the latest driver
  2. Yes i tried. Re enable, and update driver. The sound does work. I can hear a thing. But my pc will restart automatically without bsod or anything. Or its freeze with the buzzing noise
  3. Im not using hdmi, in using headset with 3.5mm jack. I search the driver from mother boars site, and found realtek audio. Installed it, my pc keeps freeze and restart again.
  4. Hello, Im getting a weird problem lately. So i posted a problem before that my computer keeps freezing and restart by itself. Somebody says psu so i changed it still same, somebody say ram so i bought a new one and still same. And I found the problem and solution ny myself. So I disabled my realtek audio driver cause when my pc freeze it makes a buzzing nouse, so i give it a try and its work, its just fixed, just like that. No restart no freeze. But now I cant hear a thing, any solution ? Im in windows 10 btw
  5. Problem Solved. Turns out it was my keyboard. I dont know why, but I unplug my usb keyboard. I can enter bios and windows. But there is another problem. Everytime i play games, in this case nfs payback. Before the game is start. Bout 2-4 minutes. My computer restart without warning or bsod or anything, just restart by itself.
  6. Its still freeze after I reset my cmos battery. Freze in bios. But i can turn on and off my keyboard light such as numlock, caps lock
  7. Cmos battery right ? The round battery in mobo ? If yes, I will try it. In update here
  8. No, never. I dont know a thing bout oc.
  9. Hello Guys, first of all before u guys go any further. Here's my specs SPECS: Asrock 970 pro r2.0 Fx 6300 Corsair 8gb Kit DDR3 Galax GTX 1050ti WD 1 tb (main) Seagete 500gb Psu FSP Hexa+ II 500w THE PROBLEM My computer just freeze in Bios, I cant click del, F2, or anything, its just freeze. Tomorrow I just installed win 10, works fine, until I play game on it. It not last than a minute. The computer freeze. Just freeze. So I had to hard restart it. And now its freeze in bios. I try to unplug al
  10. Thankyou guys. Its Solved. I have to make a Live Os with linuxmint and move all my data to my other laptop. Then clean the disk and covert to mbr. And its done. Oh btw I've tried to change the boot mode into UEFI and change the Flash drive type(its not type but i dunno the name) on rufus. When I try to boot again I always get an error says x000d, and windows says I must repair my OS. Thanks btw
  11. Yup, put the files on D/E to external hard drive and convert my GBT drive to MRB and I can install a new OS. So i need to install linux first ? And copy the files and reinstall again with os that i want ?
  12. I cant back up my file on D/E because I formatted my previous OS which is placed on C. So I dont have any OS running.
  13. Caps is there any way to install a new os on a GPT harddrive without clean the entire hard drive just to convert it to MBR ? I just format the entire "C" in my drive. And I didn't know that my hard drive is in GPT and to fix it, I need to clean the disk and convert it. But all my file in "D and E" will gone and there is so many important file in there.