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    Small town USA
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    Everything! Computers obviously, I enjoy webdesign/programming Not great at it, carving, archery, alittle graphic design, photography though not very good at it, simple drawing also not great at it, biking, running, camping, KNIVES!! No seriously I collect mainly old pocket knives. I basically like abit of everything. A very diverse person.
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    I don't really have a Job... I am a student, and a tech enthusiast in my free time.


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    Its a Lenovo u400 with a i5 and discrete AMD graphics, 4 gigs of ram. Not much to say

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  1. This is true. but... I have already invested in Ni-MH. I do plan to switch to liPO, just not right now. I want to do it all at once.
  2. I guess if I wanted to change my whole ecosystem. Almost all my RC stuff runs on Nimh. Don't want to invest in a new battery type right now.
  3. I guess if I wanted to change my whole ecosystem. Almost all my RC stuff runs on Nimh. Don't want to invest in a new battery type right now.
  4. I have the tools required, I have done this before with a different pack. I just wanted to make sure I understood how this specific pack was put together. I can buy the cells for $5, and build the packs myself and save $7 per pack Thats quite abit of money sense I need somewhere around 6 battery packs so I can do continous flight.
  5. I need to recreate a 8.4v 7 cell battery pack. Basically this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/8-4V-1000mAh-Ni-MH-Rechargeable-Battery-7-Cells-For-HobbyZone-RC-Plane-Car-Boat-/151355768317?hash=item233d81bdfd:g:274AAOSw7I5Tw5-r I am not sure how I would go about wiring that up... Can someone give me alittle help?
  6. I know that part. Just not sure if it will physically fit. you can put 7 cells into a hundred different shapes.
  7. Bought a hobbico ventura barely used for $10. I just need a battery. All the information I have is "8.4v 900mah nimh battery" order number HCAM7112 I can find 8.4v batteries but don't know if they will fit in the fuselage. Also, my charger is rated for 900MAH, why? shouldn't it just take longer to charge?
  8. FX6300(I would upgrade this in the very near future if I won the fury) 8GB DDR3 1600mhz and... HD5450 r9 270, and I can't afford a new GPU. Gaming and video work is not existant with a $25 GPU. A fury would be a god send.
  9. usually just on the back edge of your desk. Just make sure you pull the desk a inch or two away from the wall, or it won't look right.
  10. yup, besides a good workout.
  11. I am going for a walk, and happen upon a mountain of FREE! stuff. In that mountain was a CX500M box. I grabbed it, and ran. I got home to find it was just a dirty trick. Inside the box was a thermaltake 200watt piece of junk, with all the connectors chopped off. Lesson learned, look inside the box before carrying it 3miles back home.
  12. that should work, thanks. after I posted this I remembered I had a police scanner that will tune to CB frequencies, so if I continue yappin till I hear myself on the scanner, that will tell me what channel to move the dial to, also.
  13. I have a gemtronics GTX-3323 CB radio I use occasionally, and the channel select knob popped off, not a big deal just pop it back on. Except... its not keyed, so I have no idea what channel the CB is tuned at, and no idea how to find out. You guys have any clue before I ask the dreaded CB forums?
  14. that is exactly what I was looking for, thanks.
  15. The first laptop I ever bought for myself was a lenovo t60, and I loved it. It was just built really well, and allowed me to bang it around and it kept on ticking. Not to mention the legendary look. That multicolored IBM logo, matte black finish is my favorite. I still have it today, its just not up to par to todays standards. So.. I am looking for a replacement. So I went online to find what the newest thinkpad there is that still has the legendary t60 look and feel, and haven't had much luck. So I thought I would ask the professionals.